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A quick and easy way to show your appreciation for the creative work that I share freely with the time you're out getting a coffee for yourself, consider buying me one too! 
Use the link below to make a small contribution that will help cover costs related to my artistic pursuits. Thank you so much for supporting my creative life. 


Hi, I'm River. I'm a queer artist, massage therapist, and nature lover. I've been writing and painting and creating in a variety of mediums my whole life. I also love doing photography and videography, pottery, fiction writing, and anything else I can get my hands on.

You'll usually find me traveling, hiking, camping, connecting, and generally sitting in awe of the world. In addition to my blog here, I also write poetry and fiction.

Follow along with my adventures on YouTube and check out my art on Instagram

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Living nomadically. Visual art in various mediums.

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