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Welcome! I am gathering all the resources I've been sharing, in an attempt to make them more accessible and organized than social media posts. Please look them over, use them, and share freely. Thanks!

Educate, take action, do not let the movement die!

General Information

Transform Harm: resource hub about ending violence

Legislative Action

Justice for Breonna Taylor: this link takes you to a petition (which I encourage you to sign). If you scroll down, there is information on which officials should be contacted about her case.

Reading Materials

A World Without Police has a study guide which includes many links to further reading

The Radical Database: an amazing collection of resources!


For Coloradans: if you were assaulted or arrested during protests, fill out this NLG form

(Other cities and states have similar forms, find your local NLG site)



The Transgender Law Center has programs for black trans people, as well as resources for a variety of other marginalized populations. 


All Cops Are Bad, from Thought Slime (20 minutes)

Breaking Down the Prison Industrial Complex: a collection of videos from Critical Resistance


The Red Nation Pod: links to Soundcloud with all episodes. (The website is here. Decolonization, socialism, queer indigenous feminism.)

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